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Hosting The Greatest Dungeons & Dragons Game Night in 2024

Published 11/04/2024 - 1 min read

So, you want to be the greatest dungeon master of all time? It can be daunting hosting a game that brings so many twists and turns. So, how do you take your TTRPG (tabletop role playing game) night to the highest level?

Here are five simple steps to hosting the best game night of all time using Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club blends and merchandise.

Step One:

D&D is known to require heightened engagement and focus, which means supplying the beverages can help keep satisfied adventurers. A hungry player will never gain the advantage, so, the first step to hosting the greatest game night is providing the snacks, such as pretzels and popcorn, and the drinks, such as the D&D coffee for those late-night adventures. Providing refreshments is a necessity to keep your players full of vitality and make them victorious.

Having a spread prepared of your guests’ favourite snacks and being ready to pour the freshly brewed, D&D iconic monster themed coffee, will fully immerse them in the game. It's best to avoid messy foods that will stain the maps, character sheets or dice.

Step Two:

This step links seamlessly in with step one; always know what type of D&D coffee and snacks are suitable for each adventurer’s game play style. For assertive players, you may like to offer the Owlbear blend of D&D coffee. Owlbears are ferocious predators that also have an unexpected sweetness that allows them to be tamed. For the bravest adventurers, you may consider the Dragonfire Roast blend. This is named after the iconic red dragons who guard their treasure hoards with gouts of fire. Anyone brave enough to snatch this delicious coffee from the hoard will go down as one of the greatest adventurers in history. To help avoid sneak attacks during D&D parties you may offer the Beholder brew, this D&D coffee makes you alert and energized, like a Beholder using all ten of its eye stalks to watch out for intruders. If you’ve already had your daily dose of caffeine, you can still prepare for battle with the Displacer Decaf, perfect for those adventurers hunting for beasts to slay within the forgotten realms but not wanting the effects of coffee. Displacer beasts are daunting creatures that can bend light, this makes them fierce hunters and hard to kill, however this is nothing that Displacer Decaf can’t handle.

Step Three:

The third step is to prepare before the game, this means prepping your first adventure and have spare… well, everything! You never know what might happen so always have extra character sheets, one of each dice, pens, scratch paper, graph paper, small objects to use as tokens, and of course extra snacks and a range of D&D coffee essentials! Now, having your first adventure ready to run may sound like a no brainer, but this is what starts the excitement in your Dungeons & Dragons game session. Make sure you know the story background, central conflict, know what the villain wants, the plot hook and the location the adventure takes place in order to be well prepared.

Step Four:

The fourth step is to set the scene for the roleplay, not just the description of the adventure, but also the realm your adventurers are exploring. There are plenty ways to set the scene, either using scenic lights or props, or even showing your commitment to the DM role by displaying your D&D merchandise. Now you can prepare your location. You must know where the adventure takes place, information about the local region, where the players start, opposing forces, the town guard, useful NPCs, the town layout, local merchants, enemy encounters, these details are all very important. You can also try changing the tone or pitch of your voice when roleplaying, for example the local blacksmith may speak in a rough and low voice, this will help set the scene and have your adventures feel like they are truly in this world of wonder, so why not give it a go!

Step Five:

The fifth step is to always keep adventurers engaged, focused, and keep them coming back to play again. You want people to enjoy playing and always be awake for combat! The best Dungeon masters can tick all these boxes below:

  • Understand what motivates your individual players
  • Keep players engaged, try to reduce long periods of downtime
  • Never let one player dominate the game, make sure everyone has equal opportunity to participate
  • Avoid lots of time spent debating the rules, be clear and concise when setting them
  • Have a never-ending supply of D&D coffee!

Bring the magic with Dungeons & Dragons Merchandise

When your game over runs and you must pause to a later date, why not send your adventures off with their freshly brewed coffee potion in our D&D tumbler?
This way when players return to the game they are armed for their next adventure. Having D&D coffee mugs and merchandise at all times of your session will bring the game to life and allow your adventurers to be enraptured by the magic of the experience.

These products also allow your adventurers to keep the experience going even out of play, a morning coffee is always more exciting when you're wielding one of our mugs!  Understanding what motivates your adventurers and what style of game interests them will keep everyone on edge of what is to come. If your players are motivated by a battle or attack, then give them a battle or an attack!

Or if your adventures love some extra roleplay, make sure lots of wondrous roleplays are included, one of the greatest things about D&D is that it is constantly evolving and ever-changing. These changes lead you to your D&D destiny!
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