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Introducing the Brew Master

Published 09/03/2023 - 1 min read

Who is the mysterious being that runs the Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club? You won’t want to get on the wrong side of our Brew Master, you have no idea what they’ll bring to the table.

So, we’ve got the monsters, we've got the adventurer (that's you D&D coffee fan!), however we need this Coffee Club's lead storyteller and referee. Introducing the Brew Master…

 I, the Brew Master run the coffee realm around here. They describe me to be a mysterious being with full control over the Coffee Club’s events, coffee blends, merchandise, and plenty in-between. I am here to ensure that my coffee fans receive the best experience possible, so you don't want to get on the wrong side of me – I am known to act abruptly and to even make the most stubborn warlocks flee! However, one thing that I will approve of is assigning my Brew Master role to your game. Whilst I have many abilities, I don’t have the skill to be in multiple places at once, which leaves it down to someone at your table to bring the Dungeons & Dragons coffee goods, how else will players stay energised whilst in the Forgotten Realms?

Let me begin with how I came to build my brews around Dungeons & Dragons most iconic monsters:

I curated the power of Dungeons & Dragons Coffee traditional Italian roast, known as the Beholder Brew. It is a dark and powerful blend of Brazilian & Peruvian arabica which boasts a smooth chocolate flavour, to boost your focus and sharpen your senses.

The displacer beast’s ability to appear further away than they really are, is a danger you’ll be no stranger to, perhaps some Dungeons & Dragons Decaf coffee will help? Much like its light displacing name, this decaf coffee deploys similar trickery of the senses. With my Displacer Beast Decaf brew, you can indulge in the coffee drinking experience, just without the caffeine.

If you dare to, channel my courage, take fiery breath in your stride, and emerge victorious with the Dragon Fire Roast blend.  I have grown this at high altitude in Brazil and roasted dark within divine fires, so that it wields the strength and bittersweet chocolate flavour to defeat this fiery adversary.

I am inviting you to empower your onslaught and tame the ferocious owlbear with the Owlbear blend. This coffee is a sweet chocolate flavour with brown sugar and plum notes, which is enough to subdue both ancestral fey’s and twisted wizards alike.

Now that I have invited you into the realms i rule, you may consider showing loyalty to me and my creations. You can start your D&D coffee quest today, by joining the Coffee Club and begin your journey towards Epic Tier. When you embark on your journey with me, you shall reap the Coffee Club Rewards.

See you at the table,

The Brew Master

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